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Then take a scroll down our Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn't on the list, then feel free to call or email us with your queries.

Why should I choose your services?

There is more to clearing a house than just launching furniture into a van and taking it to a tip. Our trained staff will investigate all furniture to see if it can be re-used by someone in need. Working alongside a lot of local charities, we will donate furniture where feasible. Things that can't be reused are recycled whenever they can, with the use of commercial landfill's used as a last resort.

If you need a property or office cleared properly and professionally, then you need the service of Ravenhill Clearance Services Ltd.

What items do you clear?

We can clear just about anything from any house or office. There are just a selection of things we can't clear such as chemical waste, asbestos, explosives etc. but for the vast majority we can. There are some items such as fridge-freezers, gas cannisters and tyres that will incur additional charges as we get charged extra to get rid of these at the commercial recycling centres.

How much do you charge for a house clearance?

We charge an hourly rate for our team of professionals for the time taken to complete your work, this varies depending on the size of your job, but normally a team of 2 or 3 is adequate. We also have to charge a tipping fee. The tipping fee doesn't come to us, it's what we are charged when we use the commercial tips. We don't put any extra on this and just pass on their charge to the customer. The tipping fee normally starts at £140 + VAT, but can increase if there are any additional charges for tipping hazardous waste such as gas bottles, oil and tyres.

Do you provide clearance services for commercial customers?

Of course! We have done many clearance services over the years for offices, units, warehouses and the like, plus trade waste from tradesmen working on commercial sites in places where a skip can't be ordered. For example in the city centre on a pedestrian walkway, so our vans then turn up out of hours to remove the waste with the minimal disruption to the public.

What areas do your house clearance services cover?

We are a Sheffield based firm and cover the whole of South Yorkshire. It is possible for us to go further afield, but this would mean extra charges for travel time and diesel, so something that would need to be compared with to a local firm. We have been known to travel 100 and odd miles for commercial waste removal where a clearance has been required at short notice and there isn't a local company available.

What happens to electrical goods?

Like anything else, if something can be re-used then we take it to a charity shop so that someone else can make use of it. If the appliance is broken then it will be recycled accordingly.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have all the necessary insurance policies in place. These can be sent to customers on request for their peace of mind.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed with the Environmental Agency, we can show you are license to give you the peace of mind you are dealing with a legitimate clearance company and not a rogue trader who will not dispose of your waste correctly.

Do you purchase items?

No, we are strictly a clearance business only, if you have any items that you would like to sell we would suggest sorting that out before our team arrive, however, we are always flexible and can transport your items to local auction houses if needed.

Can I send you pictures of what needs clearing?

Absolutely! In fact, when a customer first gets in touch with us, we always ask for pictures where possible to give us a heads up. These can either be emailed to mark@clearance-services.uk or sent via WhatsApp to 07977 93 00 93.

Can you clean the property afterwards?

Yes! This is another service that we provide and can offer basic services such as vacuuming the carpets and wiping the sides, to a thorough clean of cupboards, windows, carpet cleaning and so on. We can also arrange for the outside to be cleaned too, pressure washing patios and other areas where needed.

Do I need to be there during the service?

Not at all, quite often our team will clear out a property when no one is there. Keys can be picked up from estate agents, left with customers or posted to our office ready for our team. Once the work is done, the keys will be returned or posted back.

Can you disconnect appliances?

Yes, all our team are trained on the disconnection of standard appliances, so electric or gas cookers, washing machines and so on can be taken care of. If there is a really old unsafe fitting then you will be advised of this and a professional tradesmen would need to be called in, but so far we have never encountered this and always been able to disconnect ourselves.

When can you do the job?

Our team are available 7 days a week, with a slightly higher charge on the weekends and bank holidays.

What vans do you use?

All clearance services are conducted in 3.5 Tonne LWB Luton vans.

How can I pay you?

We accept card payments or bank transfer. An initial deposit is taken to book your service, with the remaining balance due once the work is complete.